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Overview of Grace Evangelical Free Church Missions Program

Grace Evangelical Free Church of Longmont affirms the definition of missions to be any endeavor outside our local congregation to fulfill the Great Commission by proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, making disciples and gathering these disciples into local congregations.

The goal of our missions effort is to win individuals to God through Jesus Christ, equip them in the faith and establish churches that have the same aim in every tribe, tongue, people and nation (Acts 14:21-23, Rev. 5:9).

Mission Board
The mission fund at Grace is an account separate from the general fund.  In order to fund the missions programming at Grace and around the world, contributions should be designated to "missions fund" on the envelope that holds the donation or in the memo of the check.  The mission board at Grace oversees the distribution of funds from this account.

The mission board meets on a monthly basis to review our missions program and update our support for various groups and individual missionaries as needs arise.  Typically meetings are on the first Monday of the month and visitors are welcome.

Mission board members also serve as liaisons with the missionaries that Grace supports on a regular basis, providing updates to the congregation as well as communicating with missionaries to learn more about their work and needs. 

Policy and Procedures
The mission board has a policy which outlines the guidelines that the board follows in administering missions funding as well as procedures outlining mission board member responsibilities.  For more detailed information about the mission board you can read the Mission Policy of Grace Evangelical Free Church.

Vision and Goals
The goal of the mission board is to facilitate local and foreign missions and involve the congregation with missions work through raising awareness and providing opportunities to serve and give.  

Long Term Support
Grace Evangelical Free Church is dedicated to support missionaries with prayer, encouragement and financing.  We seek to build relationships with missionaries serving in the field and to be Christ's witnesses near home and far away (Acts 1:8).  Grace Evangelical Free Church's long term missionaries serve in a variety of ways and come to visit when they can.  We ask that missionaries who receive regular support from Grace send periodic updates and fill out an evaluation form every fall.

Short Term Support
For more information about financing a short term missions trip please see our short term project procedure.

Getting Involved
As new opportunities arise the board encourages any member of the Grace family to come meet with the board if they desire support from the church.  We'll ask you to fill out an information form and come to a meeting to discuss the plans for the trip and our short term missions guidelines.  We expect missionaries we support to agree with the Evangelical Free Church statement of faith and to be working in accordance with the mission statement of Grace Church and the goals of the mission board.

There are so many ways that people can get involved in missions work in our community, in Colorado and around the world.   

The mission board is interested in your feedback.  If you have questions or suggestions please contact us.

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